Ecological habbits
International research with friends.
I was interesting what do people think about enviroment and which ecohabbits have and how are they aware about this topic in other countries. Thats why I asked my foreign friends who was born in other countries and those who moved there from Russia to take a part into research.
1) broadening one's horizons, avoiding stereotypes
2) awareness of how aware people around
3) exchange of ideas, peer education
The interview consisted of four blocks: "Conscious Consumption", "Separate Waste Collection", "Natural Resources and Cleanliness", "Social". There are totally 36 questions.

I asked 101 people to take a part in. 56 people took part in the research. The rest didnt answer, or refused. Reasons: "no time", "a lot of letters", "I am not an expert", "today I dont really want to write about garbage." It seems to me that refusal to participate is also a position that is important to take into account.

The age of participants is from 27 to 60 years old.
There are 30 men and 26 women.
35 foreigners and 21 russians.
Work in office or housewifes. Social status and revenue: apartment buildings, guest houses, own houses, are different.

The participants of the interview live in Canada (Vancouver), Japan (Tokyo), Netherlands (Amsterdam, Den Haag, Breda), Israel (Tel Aviv), Czech Republic (Chrudim), Spain (Madrid), France (Upper Alps, Marseille, Villemoayen), Turkey (Antalya), Georgia (Tbilisi), Switzerland (Chatforth village (Juri), Winterthur), Sweden (Varberg), Italy (Bolzano, Milan, Busto-Arsizio), Germany (Bonn, Emsdetten, Berlin), England (London, Dorset, Lewes), Ireland (Dublin), Cyprus (Larnaca), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Via Mao), United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi), India (Rishikesh), Australia (Brisbane, Melbourne, Sun Shine Coast, Blue Mountains), USA (Denver, New York, New Jersey, Boston, High Springs).

The participants could answer in a free way and also skip questions if they dint know how to answer.

The results are indicated like the number of people. There are some answers which I found the most interesting under the results and there is my comment also there. I dont public the conclusions in order to give the opportunity to those who interested in topic of ecology to make it themselves.
Countries taken part in the interview
Block 1. Conscious consumption
Block 2. Separate waste collection and Recycling
Block 3. Natural resources and cleanliness
Block 4. Social
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